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Clips can be created from any Kanopy title within the QC Libraries collection. Each clip will result in a unique URL that can be shared.


  1. Search Kanopy and select your title
  2. Select "Create Clip/Playlist"
  3. If you already have a playlist, "Add Video" to add the current video to your playlist. Select "Edit Playlist" to trim the whole video into the clip you want.
  4. To edit: Click the player to start the film. When you want your clip to start, click "Capture" next to "Start Time". "Capture" next to "Stop Time" to end. OR Enter in the timecodes manually.
  5. After you finish, select, "SAVE Clip.
  6. If you require more clips select "+ Click here to add a new clip".You can view your playlist by clicking on the "My  Playlists" tab on your Dashboard. Click on your playlist name to view it.

7. Copy the link to embed or share with users

8. Kanopy-Creating a playlist




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