In the case of lost books, you have the option to either replace the book with your own copy, or pay the new retail cost of the book as charged by Amazon. There is also a $25 lost processing fee. If Amazon does not carry the book (i.e. it is only being carried by third-party sellers), the cost would default to an $85 flat fee + the $25 processing fee.

In most cases, we recommend patrons opt to replace the lost item with their own copy. We accept used books, hard or soft cover, as long as it is the same edition or later, and is in good to decent condition. Copies must be inspected by our book collections supervisor before being accepted as a suitable replacement.

If you provide your EMPLID or 14-digit library barcode number, we can update your account to notate the status of your book for future reference. Please contact the Circulation department at

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